5 Best Stock Trading YouTube Channels in 2022

5 Best Stock Trading YouTube Channels in 2022

You can also choose from a variety of topics that you can view at any time and at any place without having the need of watching every video available on the channel. Jeff Rose’s YouTube channel, called Wealth Hacker, provides some of the best videos and content on educating traders with the most effective methods to achieve financial freedom. You can access information about various strategies used in online marketing, strategies to help you stay productive, cryptocurrency as well as news and current events in the field. One of the main reasons that people are drawn to this kind of content is because Rose provides examples and strategies from the real world that you can use while trading.

best day trading youtube channels

Most day traders will prefer to use detailed charts to get the most comprehensive information available. No matter which market you trade, use a demo account to practice your trading strategy. This lets you practice all day if you want, even when the market is closed. No two days are the same in the markets, so it takes practice to be able to see the trade setups and be able to execute the trades without hesitation. Practice for at least three months and get to the point where you can consistently make a profit before you switch to live trading. If you’re a day trader, you don’t care if the overall market moves up or down.

Hedge funds are using this information to make smarter decisions, while day traders – as mentioned – appreciate it for the immediacy with which information can be found. Even if each day trader has his own preferences on how to retrieve the freshest market news, a growing number of traders is taking advantage of Twitter’s fast and reliable feeds. You are probably one of those people who want to be fully trained in stock and capital markets and be able to trade easily from home. In this YouTube channel, different analyzes and signals examine, and also various training has been created so that users can invest in the capital market in the best possible way.

You can also find playlists of the stock options trading course and live stock market trades there. Fidelity Investments is another big company in the stock market and financial industries. Their Youtube channel has almost 3 million videos and it is great for beginners and intermediate investors. Stock Tricks is one of the best Youtube channels for the stock market in the UK. The content ranges from beginner’s videos to any kind of cryptocurrency.


The Bear Bull Traders educational program offers an in-depth learning track for traders at every experience level. Couple their expert instruction with an interactive trading community, extensive learning resources, and close support—all at a reasonable price—and you have the best overall trading course. – in collaboration with some of the best YouTube channels for the Indian stock market.

How do I find stock trading channels?

If you can draw straight lines connecting at least two highs and two lows of a stock's trading range and they are parallel, then you have found a channel. The investing strategy is simple – buy when the stock hits the support level and sell when it reaches the resistance level.

In addition, you’ll find a wide array of trading tools and a trading simulator to hone your newly acquired day trading skills. Warrior Trading has been featured on Bloomberg, Huffpost and Benzinga. If you prefer to day trade stocks, then Ross Cameron and his team could probably help you improve your skills and trade success rate. The channel https://currency-trading.org/ features a Daily Morning Show where highly successful trader Ross Cameron spends almost 2 hours showing and discussing his trading, trade scanners and different parameters for his trades. If you want more trader insights, Warrior Trading’s website offers a chatroom with over 4,000 traders who discuss their trades and strategies.

Best Stock Trading YouTube Channels

The obvious risk of day trading is the potential loss of capital. To day trade, traders often open a margin account with a minimum account balance of $25,000. For those who want to learn how to day trade penny stocks, you can’t do better than Timothy Sykes’s content.

The official Forex Trading Strategy channel on YouTube is suited to beginner traders who need guidance on their trading journey. Novice traders must adhere to the first trading approach that they learn according to these channels, which is a critical mistake. Patrick from No Nonsense Forex offers a new approach to trading than most trading channels currently featured on YouTube. YouTube is an excellent instructional resource for absolute beginners who want to learn using educational and instructional videos. Through the Finology ticker YouTube channel, you can learn many hard concepts in very simple language.

The company was founded by Cathie Wood in 2014 and today, it manages more than 50 billion in assets. As a highly successful investor and businessperson, Cathie has a lot of experience in the financial world. She also has a lot of knowledge to impart to those fxpro review aspiring to reach the same levels of success. Although Crash Course does not offer any investing tips, it does have more than 35 lengthy videos on economics. Going through these will give you a base understanding of how finances and the various markets work.

Find The Best Forex Trading YouTube Channels In 2022

At Shadow Trader, there are a group of professionals and experienced traders who provide knowledge on a variety of matters like stocks, options, hedging of your earnings, and so on. Even seasoned traders consult with other successful traders to get fresh ideas and learn ways to make their trading more profitable. Many day traders lose money when they first start out, so you don’t want to risk losing money that you need to pay your basic living expenses. It can also be stressful and lead to bad decisions if you see money that you can’t afford to lose disappearing.

Traders rely on charting to analyze price movements and trading patterns to identify indicators and trends that reveal a potentially profitable trade. Traders also incorporate the psychology of the market and how investors are impacting price changes. The course leans heavily into technical analysis, which is a critical component of day trading. However, it does cover the day trading gamut from reading technical charts to finding stocks to trade.

Who is the best Youtuber for stocks?

  • Warrior Trading.
  • Timothy Sykes Penny Stock Trading.
  • Sasha Evdakov.
  • Ricky Gutierrez Trader.
  • Stock Trading Master Stock Market News.
  • National Stock Exchange.
  • Trade Station.
  • Brian Shannon.

There are many ways for an investor to get information on stocks and the stock market, but the channels listed here are definitely a great start even if you are no longer a beginner. There is a lot of information online and in books about the stock market and how to make intelligent investments, but Youtube channels seem to be where most investors get their information from. This might be due to how easily information is passed to the listener. With a incredibly low-cost monthly fee, Options Trading Club requires an application to join ensuring that every member is dedicated and serious about taking their trading to the next level.

Market Maestroo – 729K Subscribers

It’s a fantastic way to get your feet wet because primarily it’s free. All you need to do is to spend some time to get your basics up to speed. Rayner Teo is an independent trader, ex-prop trader, and founder of TradingwithRayner. Information you provide via this form will be shared with Forest Park FX only as per our Privacy Policy.

What is a bullish flag?

What Is a Bullish Flag? Bullish flag formations are found in stocks with strong uptrends and are considered good continuation patterns. They are called bull flags because the pattern resembles a flag on a pole. The pole is the result of a vertical rise in a stock and the flag results from a period of consolidation.

There is no single youtuber in our list which does not fulfill our criteria to be selected for suggestions. Doesn’t matter you are a Trader or investor, Under the guidance of mentors, your understanding of the market will reach to a next level. Our suggested youtubers are highly experience in this field and have mentored thousands of students over the years. And even some of the mentors have been featured on national television for their work. Bitcoin and cryptocurrency have been around for a while now, but their use in business …

Yes, if you’re new to trading

Investopedia is one of the best online platforms for all things finance. As the name suggests, it is an encyclopedia with extensive information on economics, finance, investing, and everything related to how money works in the modern world. It’s easy to find accounts that focus onsmall-cap trading,swing trading, stock options and investments that fit your interests. His tweets used to have lots of practical tips on his stock preferences. Now with ‘The Street Mentor’, he has converted to a coach and trading mentor with educational purposes only.

Through their YouTube channel, you can watch daily stock-related news, IPO reviews, videos of investment, etc. Operating in New York, London, Paris, Hong Kong, and Ottawa, Trading Central is a provider of investment research and market analysis, and this is their official YouTube channel. Don’t get fooled by the small number of followers, as Trading Central’s channel offers great market commentary on trending topics as well as analysis on major currency pairs. Depending on your individual needs, objectives, and learning style, you may be drawn to one course over another.

You can also invest in mutual funds and the stock market on Grow’s platform. On the Groww channel, you can watch videos in many different languages. Grow has a very large team that gives you detailed information on the topics related to the stock market in easy language. Here you can also watch videos related to IPO like IPO size, IPO review, etc.

The belief through which the channel is operated is based on discipline, hard work, and the correct mindset. All of these aren’t necessarily just day trading, but just loads of good information imo. We have provided some YouTube SEO tips to help your videos obtain a high ranking.

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