Renault reviews

Renault reviews

Renault reviews

Renault 11

Renault 11 TXE engine 1.7 l., 5 tbsp. Checkpoint. 1984 onwards Mileage 289 thousand km. The car was brought at the age of 10 from France in 94, 3 people drove up to me (one woman, if not for her short.

Renault 12

Renault 12, of course, can be attributed to a rarity – the last year of production of this car was in 1980. I inherited this car from my parents. I would like to note, despite the huge s.

Renault 14

Renault 14 was my first car back in the nineties. Despite the fact that the car is used, and even in 1979, the consumption of gasoline in the city is small (about 7-8 liters of gasoline). Of course, auto.

Renault 15

Recently bought this car for a ridiculous price. Why was my choice made in favor of Renault 15? The answer is simple – I really love old cars. My model is a three-door, hatchback, bright yellow.

Renault 16

For the first time, I learned about the Renault 16 back in my school years from a car magazine, and it was then that the desire to buy it appeared. Of course, over time, this desire was forgotten, however, more recently, view.

Renault 17

Renault 18

I had a Renault 18 back in 94-96. I almost flew it. Very simple car with no frills. There is nothing superfluous in the cabin. I really liked the seats, comfortable, soft, the headrest rests on the back of the head. On the go.

Renault 19

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