XIAOMI Piston Headset

XIAOMI Piston Headset

The back of the winding appears to contain the name of the design studio behind the product.
Unwinding the headphones.
The order was made in the Xpose Power store on Aliexpress. I want to share a very successful acquisition. The sound is good for a headphone at this price, comparable to a Sony at about the same price, but this is a headset and made from fairly premium materials. It bends well too. A tab sticks out on the side of the winding, for which the wire is pulled out. I can neither deny nor confirm.

From the many reviews here, one might get the impression that there are no good Chinese headphones, however, when I purchased the Piston headset from Xiaomi, I had no doubt that this is a good product. Let’s take one off and take a look inside. Xiaomi promises that the sound is no worse than in Earpods.
In addition to the winder for the headset, there is an instruction for removing the headphones. In the ears they sit perfectly, in general, Sent quickly, and by Singapore mail instead of Chinese. Let’s start with the packaging. By default, they control the volume, but MIUI allows you to reconfigure them to switch tracks.

The lid is attached with neat strips of adhesive tape on 2 sides. The dark brown wire is braided on the outside and looks like a lace, it feels very tear-resistant. The remote deserves special attention.
Who has not yet understood, the phone is Xiaomi M1S. It remains to talk about the sound.
Let’s remove the winding with the headphones. Hello, dear readers! A long press launches the voice assistant. It has 3 buttons. Icons from MIUI indicate their purpose.
Compared to the Sonys (from which my ears orgasmed at the first listening, because I have not tried anything more expensive before), the caps have more bass, but other frequencies are played quite clearly.
On the other side are 2 buttons. It is made of rubber, or rather dense silicone, matte to the touch and with a pleasant sweet smell (sometimes toothbrushes have rubber pads on the handle that smell like that). This creates beautiful highlights, and in general everything looks solid, solid and stylish.
On one side there is a button that in the player mode performs the function of start / pause, in the conversation mode – accept / hang up a call. At the bottom of the box there are additional ear pads. They are easy to press, have a very small stroke, but make a clear click. Yes, and the post of Russia, in general, also pleased, because the package arrived in a record 16 days for me.

XIAOMI Piston Headset

In a standard player on standard settings, the sound is quite pleasant. The body of the headphones, the remote control and the plug are made of aluminum and covered with very fine notches. The box is wrapped in a translucent package, secured with tape.

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